About Us


Tally Brains is a concept of providing quality education. Tally Brains works under the CAP of Technobrains Education Pvt. Ltd., that was established in the year 2014 by Renown Tally Experts & Authors. The dream behind was to develop a cadre of skilled youth. In India, we have a large number of vacant jobs every where in industry and companies. In the other hand we have a large number of unemployed youth also. The problem here is the lack of skill. These unskilled or properly - untrained people are unable to quench the thirst of recruiters. The reason behind is-

  • Improper Training
  • Mismatch of course with industrial need
  • Lack of acceptability
  • Unmatched Skill etc
Tally Brains dreams to fill the gap and convert this unskilled & properly untrained cadre into the best workers . The dream of an individual has become the dream of the group of industrialist & academicians. The Aim of the organisation is to impart high quality training with conscience. Since its inception, the organisation has been successfully running different skill based job roles and courses. That are prepared and updated according to industrial need on real time basis. Organization is awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certification for its excellent quality work. Tally Brains is stepping towards providing certification from a leading and well known "University" also.
The education is all about learning not studying. Today the focus of all institution is teaching and completing syllabus in a bound time. Tally Brains believes in learning where students are trained to be acceptable. We train them to understand the difference between tactical and practical field. The main purpose of Tally Brains is to develop a new education system in computer education along with filling the skill and demand gap.

Read, Understand & Do it